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My experience

I was a BCG Consultant and Interviewer for 3 years and I know both BCG's and McKinsey's interview process as I got job offers from both.

I have helped 20+ candidates prepare for their interviews afterwards, most of them getting offers from at least either BCG or McK (luck is also a factor!).


My approach

I base my case coaching approach in two main things:

  • No frameworks: artificial frameworks are a recipe for failure. Real cases cannot be narrowed to a memorised framework and the structure you need to set up is usually a combination of multiple. I will teach you how to build structures, not frameworks. Solving case interviews is a very rare skill and cannot be encapsulated in a framework.
  • 80-20: prioritisation is key in life, consulting and case interviews :). The learning curve for case interview is very steep but also infinite, you can spend as much as you want and will never feel 100% prepared. I cover the main case topics for you to gain enough confidence to crack the case as soon as possible, and I will filter for you all the noise. We can do a weird M&A carve-out case if you want, but the likelihood of you getting it is rare, so let's cover the main cases (not the easiest) first so you have the right tools in your head.

One hour sessions are structured in 45 min case + 15 min feedback from my side.



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