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Interviewers squeeze up to 6 interviews in already busy days, if you want them to remember your face you must impress them both with your capability to solve cases and your personal speech

Thanks to my experience as McKinsey coach for Business Analyst candidate (15+ candidates) and INSEAD coach for associate candidates (5+ candidates), I can offer a holistic preparation succeed in your interview

My approach is based on three main steps:

-       Planification:  Time in never enough to prepare for an interview: you’ll need to prioritize and define a structured preparation plan to give your best on the interview day. I’ll support you to identify your key development areas and prepare a plan to focus your time-to-interview on most relevant topics, maximizing your success probability

-       Case study preparation: Solving a case is an art: you need to put on the table multiple skills, leveraging you spikes and don’t letting your weak spot to emerge. I’ll support you to develop all the technical skills (problem decomposition, recommendation structuring, calculation) and your soft skills (attitude, verbal and non-verbal communication) to your best. My approach is based real-life consulting cases interviews followed by extensive and implementable feedback sessions focused on consultants selection criteria

-       Personal speech preparation: the first question HR asks to interviewer is “would you work with the candidate on an engagement?”. I’ll make sure all you interviewers will fight to have you on their projects, supporting you the development of an appealing personal speech based on your unique strength and personal history

I can ensure full flexibility during my sessions: no abrupt interruption due to time limits. The session is over when you will have finished your case/ completed your personal speech and most important when you’ll have obtained implementable feedbacks to improve your performance

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