Ex-strategy consultant (A.T. Kearney) who has been coaching and mentoring candidates who show strong potential in consulting
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Bridging the gap between candidates' theory and frameworks and real-life experience 

While preparing for consulting case interviews there are a lot of intangible aspects that matter just as much as the case itself. That being mentioned there should be a real focus on the quality of the preparation. By training with consultants, a candidate can build on the quality and delivery of the case far more than through any online interactive resources. 

Structure is key to every case. In fact having clear structure is fundamental of all problem-solving in that one is able to break down a large, complicated problem into smaller, more palatable (solvable) problems. My approach is to help candidates harness this cross-cutting skill of structure (not a framework!) and apply it to a case. I maintain similar levels of pressure and stress as you would expect in a real interview but with a critical session of feedback afterwards. 


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