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Hi, I am Regine, an incoming Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company in the Singapore office. I have successfully gone through interviews with various MBBs, other consulting firms, top technology companies, and would love to share my know-hows. I have also successfully coached various individuals into obtaining offers from companies such as MBB, Google, Amazon, VCs, Big 4 etc.

Feel free to get in touch for a practice case interview. I cover topics including:

- Interviewer / Interviewee-Led Cases

- Economic Cases (e.g. Profit, Market Entry, Pricing, New Product Launches, Market Sizing etc.)

- Unconventional Cases (e.g. Non-Profits, Governments, Brain Teasers, Environmental etc.)

- Fit Interview (e.g. Crafting Your Story, MBB-specific questions)

- Resume Review & Career Planning

My consultation sessions are not time-based, and I am committed to help you secure your offer! :)

I have also founded, and am currently leading, an IT Infrastructure SaaS startup. I have worked on several Software Engineering topics previously, and also am currently starting up an Infrastructure Tools Reviews Channel on YouTube. Feel free to contact me if you are keen in a SWE career / or come from an SWE background!


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