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What I can help you with:

After coaching consulting candidates from my MBA school, I discovered that I not only enjoyed helping others achieve their dream of landing a consulting job, but also that I have a knack for identifying which are the major mistakes that will impede candidates from moving from one interview round to the next. I can help you identify your main fallbacks in case-solving and fix them by interview day.

As a person who initially struggled with her "public math" skills, I will teach you tips and shortcuts to avoid making mistakes in your calculations and also quick comebacks in case you make these mistakes on interview day. I will also share my methodology for doing stuctured and creative brainstorming, a task most people think is just about throwing ideas, but that is actually one of the most crucial moments of your interview.

In terms of geography, I can give you specific advice if you're looking to recruit in Latin America, North America or the Middle East, as that is where most of my experience is focused. In addition, I am glad to conduct the mocks in English, Spanish or a mix of both.

Finally, I will help you prepare for the "fit" part of the interview, including advice of how to make your stories more engaging as well as how to answer in a structured way all the motivational questions (the "why's").


My Consulting prep experience:

- Did 100+ mocks while preparing

- Interviewed with 5 consulting firms and landed all MBB offers

- Coached MBA students in their consulting journey


What I need from you:

In order to better understand where you are coming from and where you want to go I will require you to share with me:

  • The resume you used in your applications or the one you are planning on using
  • Your target firms and locations
  • Your case interview experience so far


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