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I've been where you are, and like all the coaches on this site have been fortunate to be exposed to the right mentors (and the right bit of luck) to have a moderate amount of success so far. If you're curious about my journey I'm happy to chat, but after helping people informally for years I'm working here to do it on a larger scale.

Having worked with dozens of candidates who ultimately wound up with offers from top-tier management consulting firms (McK, Bain, BCG, Booz/Strategy&, Deloitte...), I can tell you that one of the most sure-fire ways to maximize your odds of success is to go beyond.

Truly top 1% case interviewees not only answer the case questions (given), do so with poise (given), and excel on the math (given), but convince the interviewer that they'd be an awesome person to hang out and work with, while going through the ostensibly-stressful case interview. 

After all, if you can be relaxed, confident, funny, and charming while jumping through the case interview hoops, imagine how much more of these things you'll be when you're under less pressure (so the interviewer's thinking goes).

From your perspective, relaxing into the interview means you're less likely to get hyper focused on any one framework, more open to asking questions and pivoting when new data comes your way, come across and genuine and coachable, and boost the positive memmories the interviewer will carry away with them.

How do you get there?

Same way you get to Carnegie Hall -- practice, practice, practice. 

I work with clients to build confidence through the case interview process while giving thing actionable pointers that I've seen work across many different recruiting and interview contexts. Whether your pain point today is in frameworking, mental math, or just telling your story, I have a long track record of helping people just like you sharpen up and land the offer.

If you're looking for a drill sergent, I'm not your guy. If you're looking for a constructive and collaborative coach, who'll help you get to your best finish line, please reach out and introduce yourself.


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