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Identifying the 80/20 opportunities for improvement so interviewees get maximum impact from our time together
Providing actionable practice strategies to ensure tangible progress between sessions
Refining answers to fit questions to make candidates truly stand out in their interviews

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Having gone through 1st and final round interviews with all MBB, S&, Parthenon, BCGDV, Innosight and others, I have a wealth of relevant experience regardless of where you are applying.  I accompanied both of my core interview partners at INSEAD until they landed their dream jobs at McKinsey, and know what it takes to get there.  

I have interviewed candidates extensively myself, and believe in truly simulating the interview experience when mock-interviewing.  I focus on identifying the largest and most attainable areas of improvement, and use a tiered feedback system that makes it clear how candidate focus should be distributed.  I also pride myself on giving specific guidance on practice methods to ensure that real advances are made between sessions.  I prefer that candidates sign up for a session with me with the intention of partaking in atleast two sessions so we can truly chart and guide improvements.  I am also a strong believer in focusing heavily on fit question preparation and will happily share carefully aggregated question lists, and help candidates develop a sound end to end system for producing authentic and effective fit question responses.

As I'm new to the platform, I am also offering a 50% discount for the month of June.  Just message and I'll shoot you a code that you can apply.


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