(On a break) Deloitte S&O BA l Certified by Cornell University for Interview Prep l First timers get 50% off second case
Deloitte Consulting, Cemex, BCG, Evercore
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How I work

With nearly four years of recruiting experience, I have helped people get offers in different firms across various countries (USA, Mexico, Germany, Australia, etc.). My sessions will cover two cases or one case along with a behavioral round-equivalent - these are not constrained to the typical hour and I will work with you until we have covered all the topics and provided all the necessary feedback. After my sessions, I keep in touch via email and / or phone with the candidates to review the applications and address any last-minute questions (this is free of charge).



1) Incoming Deloitte S&O Business Analyst in its NYC office and former BCG Summer Associate

2) More than 100 cases worth of experience in multiple formats (from interviewer and interviewee-led cases to strategic and economic consulting)

3) Certified by Cornell University's Transfer Office to review resumes and provide interview preparation


How I can help

1) Provide you with clear and consistent feedback throughout the case in order to polish your problem-solving mechanics and improve your presentation skills

2) Develop a strategy to land an interview and / or secure an offer (from beginners to advanced-level members)

3) Practice behavioral questions, improve your resume / cover letter, and help you build a compelling application for employers


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