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Step 2

Get your prep plan

Work through your individual training plan and lay the foundation for your interview success

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Practice with former MBB consultants and receive valuable feedback on your case performance

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Retrospectively, I’m pretty sure that P4S was crucial for my interview success at McKinsey! What helped me most was the expert feedback which was sometimes tough but always valuable and helpful. Since my experts have been involved in the recruiting processes at leading consultancies themselves, they were able to provide me with helpful insights into the recruiting process at my favorite company and gave me actionable advice on how to best tackle challenging cases and tricky interviewer questions. Simon, P4S Candidate

As former BCG consultant and dedicated case interview coach for the last years, I know exactly what you need to ace the case interview – it’s not just about being smart, you’ll have to convince your interviewer on many dimensions. What I also know is that many applicants fail because they underestimate the challenge ahead. Prevent yourself from making this mistake and get feedback from experts who know both sides of the challenging recruiting process – the investment will definitely worth it! Guennael, P4S Expert

As a talent manager, I support our candidates throughout their whole interview preparation. Some candidates are reaching out to us right at the beginning of their case prep whereas other candidates are looking for the most efficient way to add the final touch to their case performance. But no matter at which stage a candidate joins P4S, we’ll find the perfect set of experts for each candidate end make sure that he or she gets the most out of the program! Julia, PrepLounge Talent Management


highly qualified case coaches


hours of high quality training materials


of our P4S candidates land a job in consulting


different countries that our candidates come from


candidates currently enrolled in the program


years of experience in bringing people into consulting

  • Individual Expert Coachings
  • Premium Membership
  • P4S Case Partner Search
  • Individualized Prep Plan
  • Additional Study Material

P4S is the all-inclusive package for your case interview preparation

Our Prep4Success program provides you with everything you need to be best prepared for your upcoming consulting case interviews. We help you design a roadmap for your interview preparation based on your preparation level, your learning objectives and your target companies and provide you with all you need to sharpen your case cracking skills. Become part of our Prep4Success program, improve your chances of receiving a job offer from your favorite employer and set off your career.

Benefit from personalized expert coachings conducted by former consultants

Learn from the best and practice with the most qualified coaches on PrepLounge. All of them have in common, that they are (ex-)consultants from leading consulting firms and have been involved in recruiting. So you’re not only practicing with case interview specialists, but with people from the business, who bring helpful insights and advice to the table. Have a look at our expert listing yourself and select your favorite experts.

Get instant premium access to PrepLounge to bring your case prep up to speed

As part of our Prep4Success program you get premium access to PrepLounge throughout your whole interview preparation. Premium members can schedule an unlimited amount of mock interviews and have access to all resources on PrepLounge including 100+ challenging cases and 20+ video case solutions. Finally, with your Personal Case Analytics, you can assess your overall competitiveness versus the community with performance benchmarking based on your case reviews from peers and experts.

Connect with other p4s members and share your interview experiences

Practicing with peers between your expert coaching sessions helps you put your expert’s feedback into practice. Use our exclusive P4S Case Partner Search to find and connect with other P4S candidates to practice with at eye level. This way you’ll be best prepared for your next expert sessions.

Structure your case prep with your personal Preparation Plan

We know that it's crucial to stay focused and well organized throughout your whole interview preparation. That's why we provide you with your individual Prep Plan once you start the Prep4Success program. All materials that you need to complete the units in your Prep Plan, e.g. cases, video case solutions or theoretical input on important frameworks, are available on PrepLounge so that you can immediately start with your interview preparation.

Work through additional study material exclusively for our p4s candidates

In addition to the resources on our website you will be provided with a pack of extra study material with focus on the market sizing framework and the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview (PEI) as well as a collection of 50 math questions including detailed solutions and valuable tips that may help you optimally prepare for online tests and brain teasers.

All discounts compared to booking the respective number of single expert sessions with our Premium Experts for $319 each and a 20-weeks premium membership worth $199.
Looking for alternative payment options? Find out more about the success-based variant of Prep4Success!

Any open questions left? Check out our FAQ

  • I want to start the program, what are the next steps?

    Once you’ve chosen your P4S package our Talent Management Team will reach out to you to plan the program with you and to answer all your questions relating to the program. After this first chat, you decide whether to take part in the program or not. If you think that P4S does not suit your needs, you can still withdraw from the program without ANY fees.

  • When do I have to pay for the program?

    The fee for the program is payable before the program starts. As an alternative, it is possible to pay the fee in monthly installments. In this case only the first installment is payable before the program starts.

  • Is the program fee tax-deductible?

    P4S is fully tax-deductible in several countries (e.g. US, Germany). We suggest to contact a tax advisor before booking the program in case that you are not sure whether the program is tax-deductible in your country.

  • How much time should I calculate for the Prep4Success program?

    To make maximum use of our coaching program we would suggest you to start not later than 2 weeks before your first scheduled interview.

  • How many different experts do you recommend?

    The selection of the experts depends on your personal needs and your target companies. In general we recommend to have at least two different experts so that you get to know different interview styles. Remember that you will also face many different interviewers in your real case interviews.

  • Is it possible to contact a candidate who has already completed the program beforehand?

    To protect the privacy of former candidates we do not share their contact details without their permission but you can read experience reports from former candidates.

Still doubts? Read what other participants have to say about P4S!

The Prep4Success Program was more than helpful to stand out at my interviews. The experts played a certain role in my preparation process. Their flexibility has been outstanding. That’s why the program was the perfectly complemented my case prep. Ulrich, Fabian and Fernando are great coaches. There could be more additional training material before and after each session which some coaches are already providing.

Finally I received an offer from Roland Berger and BCG. Without PrepLounge I wouldn’t have managed this!

Prep4Success – 4 steps to success

You are really serious about your dream of becoming a consultant? You are ready to try everything in your power in order to become part of one of the top consulting firms like Bain, McKinsey or Deloitte?

Become part of our Prep4Success program today, improve your chances of receiving a job offer from your favorite employer and set off your career.

In the scope of the coaching program you will practice with PrepLounge's professional coaches and you will receive personal guidance from your dedicated talent manager throughout the entire program. And that’s not all. Since we consider your own learning process to be just as important as practicing with professionals, PrepLounge will provide you with everything you need for your case interview prep: you will benefit from a PrepLounge premium account and a bulk of additional working materials concerning a vast variety of case types, which you can also find in our case library.

Exclusive benefits for members of the Prep4Success program

  1. Do five expert sessions with our experienced case interview coaches
  2. Enjoy a premium account at PrepLounge
  3. Get exclusive access to our P4S case partner search
  4. Benefit from our additional study material on market sizing cases and the McKinsey personal experience interview
  5. Receive personal guidance from your dedicated talent manager throughout the entire process

Receive personal guidance from consulting experts

In the scope of a kick-off call with your personal talent manager the two of you will investigate your individual goals and then decide what the best possible way to reach them might be. Next, your talent manager will suggest suitable Prep4Success experts for your mock interviews – the final choice remains with you.

Besides that, there are more questions relevant to your talent manager. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to job interviews? Which are the consulting employers of your choice? Your preferences may have a significant impact on which interview styles are worth investigating and pursuing in your training.

What makes our P4S coaches unique

Our Prep4Success experts are the most qualified coaches on PrepLounge. All of them have in common, that they are (ex-)consultants with working experience in recruiting. So you’re not only practicing with case interview specialists, but with people from the business, who bring helpful insights and advice to the table.

To make your interview coaching as profitable as possible, you should also have a look at the additional preparation materials we offer on our website, such as the bootcamp.

Start your personal coaching program – risk free

You can choose between two convenient payment options: success-based or fixed payment.

As a unique feature you can choose a success-based payment plan for Prep4Success. This means that you’ll only have to pay for the program, if you decide to take a job offer in consulting. In other words: you only pay, if the program has been successful for you. The only requirement you need to meet is having at least three interview invitations for full-time positions as a consultant.

71% of the participants have already been successful with the Prep4Success program so far. In case you’re interested in learning more about their experiences, check out our success stories. More information on the program itself and the available payment options can be found in our P4S FAQs.