Gravestone Inc.

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Case Prompt

Your client, Gravestone Inc., is a mason producing gravestones situated in Switzerland. He is producing high-quality, hand-crafted gravestones with very skilled labour-force.

In the recent past a technology was developed that would allow him to produce his gravestones with much less labour.

He is contacting us to make a decision if he should invest in this new technology and if he even should remain in the business itself.    

Sample Structure

I. Strategies - Question 1

1. What strategic options can the owner consider?

II. Market - Question 2

2. How would you calculate the current value of the business?

III. Company - Question 3

3. What is the value of the company if it was shut down and the assets were sold?

III. Company - Question 4

4. What would the value of the company be if it would invest in the new technology?

IV. Conclusion

Further Questions

What are possible strategies if the owner is unable to sell the business now?

Note for Interviewer

More questions to be added by you, interviewer!

At the end of the case, you will have the opportunity to suggest challenging questions about this case (to be asked for instance if the next interviewees solve the case very fast).

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