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Expert case by Ian

Market Sizing WITH SOLUTION - Number of Taxis

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Case Prompt

An entrepreneur has come to you looking to disrupt the taxi industry in NYC. They are interested in determining the number of taxis in Manhattan, in order to understand how large their fleet would need to be to compete. How would you go about determining how many taxis exist in Manhattan?

If the candidate asks, you may clarify the following:

  • This is pre ride-hailing technology
  • That we are looking for total taxis NOT taxis at any given time. We would like an estimate of the size of the fleet
  • Manhattan is 1 of 5 boroughs in NYC


Please make sure to check the video URL solution to get a full explanation and walkthrough of how to solve this market sizing example.

This is one of over a half dozen market sizing examples I have created for you to practice.



Solution Option 1 - Top-Down

Solution Option 2 - Bottom Up

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