Insider Tips

Case Interview

The ultimate guide for your case prep: Find everything you need to know about case interviews including case interview secrets, how to prepare, examples & skills required.

Case Interview Coaching

Why is case interview coaching so important? How do you choose the right coach? How can you make the most out of your coaching sessions? Find answers to the most FAQs!

Online Interview

Your online interview is coming up an you don’t know what to look out for during the preparation? Here are 10 tips for your successful online interview!

From STEM to Consulting

If you have a STEM background, these 6 tips will guarantee your successful career start and show you which entry options the industry has in store for you.

Women in Consulting

Our female consulting coaches clear up prejudices, show you what you can expect as a woman in consulting and give you tips on how to succeed.

McKinsey PST

Looking for tips & tricks and the best possible way to prepare for McKinsey’s Problem Solving Test? Follow our 10 tips and ace your McKinsey PST!

BCG Potential Test/Online Case

What is the BCG Potential Test (aka. Online Case) and why is it important? Find out what you need to know including 9 great tips that will help you to improve your score!

Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test

This test is considered as one of the most challenging tests in the application world. But don’t worry, our 8 important tips will help you crunch those numbers!