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Bain presentation recruiting workshop
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Sarah asked on Nov 15, 2017
Looking for solid partners. Currently preparing for MBB, Oliver Wyman, A.T.Kearney, and others

Hi everyone,

I am invited to a workshop by Bain for women called "Presentation Skills" in Munich. Has anyone ever attended this kind of workshop or knows what I can expect?

Any recommendations how I could best prepare besides maybe personal fit and questions to ask?

Thanks in advance,


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Clara replied on Nov 15, 2017

Hi Sarah :) I was at a workshop for women @Bain Munich last year called "Feinschliff". You don't have to prepare anything it's really made for you to build your skills and network with Bainies! There was also no Interview e.g. as part of the event.. so really relaxing and fun atmosphere.
Have fun!

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Sarah on Nov 15, 2017

Perfect, thank you very much for your answer, Clara :)

replied on Nov 15, 2017
Project leader BCG, Bain and A.T. Kearney / 200+ real interviews

Hi Sarah,

I fully agree with Clara. Generally speaking, seminars at MBB are made to build skills and network with consultants. There are no interview parts but a lot of interesting and fun interaction with the nothing to prepare, just make the best out of it!


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Sarah on Nov 15, 2017

Hi Jacopo, thanks for your answer. I am looking forward to a fun and interesting event then :)