Where can I find more McKinsey Interviewer led cases?

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asked on Feb 12, 2019

Hi all, this is for a McK Consulting position in Germany. Would someone know where I can find more cases/examples for the typical McK interviewer led cases? I feel they are distinct from the other cases and would be greateful for advice. Thanks a lot!

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replied on Feb 13, 2019
95% practise, 5% theory. We can make 2-3 real cases in a session or split the time 50:50 between case study and general background

dont focus so much on "learning" the cases/frameworks --> mainly use the common sense. Many candidates often forget it (happened to me on my very first case ever), and try to somehow find the best match with frameworks they saw...

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replied on Feb 13, 2019
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Misconception 1 - McKinsey has only interviewer-led cases. Actually, McKinsey has both types of cases. Managers will mostly give you interviewer-led cases while the partners are too lazy for that and will mostly let you drive the case

Misconception 2 - Interviewer - led cases are different. It's exactly the same cases. They are just a bit shorter and the key parts of the case are clearly structured:

  • Getting the case and asking clarifying questions
  • Structuring and digging deeper into a certain part of the structure
  • Math
  • Question on creativity
  • Recommendation

The prep process is exactly the same. If you can solve the cases - you'll be good no matter who leads the case.


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replied on Feb 13, 2019
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I agree with Vlad! And I will add the following: it is impossible to properly learn how to solve cases in the interviewer-led format! You HAVE to build your case solving muscle in the candidate-led way - learning how to rigorously approach the question, narrow it down to its answer-criterion, breaking down the criterion, and running the required analyses to test the criterion. Once you master this, solving interviewer-led cases in the McKinsey style is not a problem anymore and, in fact, much much easier!

Cheers, Sidi

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95% practise, 5% theory. We can make 2-3 real cases in a session or split the time 50:50 between case study and general
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