When is usually the bonus period?

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Jérôme asked on Dec 07, 2018
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Hi all,

While reading some answers on other questions, I found a very interesting insight. One of the coaches mentioned a chance to have a slightly higher turnover just after the distribution of bonuses (which makes sense if you wanna leave you may wait for your variable first).

Therefore, my question is: when does that usually happen?

My friends in M&A usually have their bonuses end of March (fiscal period timing). Would you say it is similar at MBB and other big consulting firms?

Many thanks,


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replied on Dec 07, 2018
Bain & Co interviewer (~3 years) | MBB-prep focused | Expert: Market Sizing; P&L cases | 50+ coachees at MBB

Salut Jérôme,

Fully aligned with Vlad ! I would also add that in any case if you leave the company by yourself, you will get your bonus prorated, so it really doesn't matter.

Best of luck in your preparation !

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replied on Dec 07, 2018
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It happens end of the Year (December). However, you should not be thinking about that at all.

Hiring is not tied to turnover. Consulting companies have a turnover after each review and it's spread throughout the year. Pls concentrate on prep rather than calculating the odds.


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replied on Dec 08, 2018
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They all have models accounting for turnover, so fully baked in already. The economy and project pipeline are probably much more important, but neither is easy to model on your end.

Ignore the noise, focus on what you can control: be as prepared as you can and hope for the best.

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Anonymous replied on Dec 08, 2018

Bonuses depending on firm, are paid either at the end of the calendar year (December/January) or at the end of the Fiscal year (March/April).

I agree with Vlad that this is just a "fun fact", and you shouldn't be planning your applications around this as it won't affect their hiring.

Also note that usually, from manager onwards, bonuses are paid out 2-4 x per year to spread it out more (as the bonus starts to become a very significant part of your total compensation)

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Ben gave the best answer


Bain & Co interviewer (~3 years) | MBB-prep focused | Expert: Market Sizing; P&L cases | 50+ coachees at MBB
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