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When does internship recruiting start?

Someone asked on Aug 03, 2018 - 3 answers

I've seen different things online so wasn't sure.

Are applications due end of September or Mid october? (MBB)

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Francesco replied on Aug 04, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

as other said, not necessarily; in some countries MBB deadlines are as soon as beginning of September. Moreover within MBB there may be differences as well. As already suggested, you would need to go though each website and verify for each company the exact timeline.



Vlad replied on Aug 03, 2018
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Do you mean MBA / non-MBA internships? In some countries, there is also a separate internship selection process for STEM / non-STEM backgrounds.

In most of the countries, the dates of the recruiting are aligned with the curriculum dates of the target Universities. The only and the best way to get the verified information is to check your local web-site / call the offices.


replied on Aug 03, 2018
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I don't think there is one date for all. Some countries like the UK have a dedicated recruiting season (aka milk round) with deadlines clustered around Sept / Oct / Nov, and other countries like Germany recruit for everything (incl. internships) all year round.

Back then I made an Excel with all the firms I wanted to apply for incl. their start dates and deadlines and my progress in the application process - if you want to be throrough, I would recommend that sort of systematic approach. You then gotta spend some time looking up the individual dates though!

Best wishes