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What type of questions can be expected for AT Kearney Summer associate role in procurement and analytics team

Anonymous A
Francesco replied on 11/01/2017
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Hi Anonymous,

A good percentage of cases in consulting firms are related to revenues improvement or cost cutting. It is likely in your case you will get more the second type, together with operation frameworks. Examples would include:

  • Our clients would like to improve its manufacturing process; how would you suggest him to approach this task?
  • We have to cut costs from our suppliers by 20% in order to increase profitability. Which areas would you prioritize in your analysis? Why?
  • Our client is experimenting problems with inventory and clients are complaining for slow delivery. How would you make the process more efficient?

Having said that, it is not unlikely to receive cases unrelated to the specific practice you are applying to; thus, it would make sense to cover also M&A, pricing, market entry and the other traditional type of cases as well.