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What to do if you know the case?

Anonymous A


Some of my friends who had their interviews with the same office before me gave me the cases they received in their interviews. How should I react in case I happen to receive the same case in the interview?

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Juan Pablo replied on 03/08/2018

Sometime ago I read that the best interview of a BCG´s Partner was when the interviewee told him that he had done the same case previously and when he changed it, he did such a good job that the attitude of being honest and being confident enough to do a different case, sum up a lot of points to him.

In the other hand, if you decide to stick with the case and ignore that you had done it before, just do it as you were doing it for the first time, being help by your confidence that you know how to do it. Don´t follow the suggested structure that the case suggested, because if they suspect that you have done it, you will be out.


Vlad replied on 03/07/2018
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Agree with Bruno. McKinsey casebooks have a lot of cases with similar company / topic / beginning but having different areas to analyze.

If you decide to keep the case - pls do the following:

  • Don't smile or show in any way that you know the case
  • Try to forget everything you know about the case and get back to your knowledge only if you are stuck
  • Build the structure and go through the structure in a way you would do that from a scratch
  • Still, take time to think and behave as natural as possible


replied on 03/07/2018

Hey anonymous,

You basically have two options, that are entirely up to you:

  • you are honest and refer it in the beginning of the case; then, it's up to the interviewer to decide on changing or not to a different case (I've heard of people trying to fake they knew the case in order to avoid a case in a difficult industry or opening!!!)
  • you don't disclose it, and just do your best - sometimes, even if the beginning of the case is the same, the development might be different btw



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