What is your ideal vacation?

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New answer on Aug 30, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 21, 2019

How would you answer this question in your Personal Fit interview? Receive feedback on your answer and browse through the Q&As to review the approaches of other applicants and experts.

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replied on Aug 11, 2020
Ex-McK Experienced hire and EM - I specialize in helping experienced hires perform

The wrong answer to this question: it depends who's asking

The right answer to this question: an honest answer. As a former MBB interviewer, if I'd ask this question, it would be so that I can see what you care about other than consulting, work, or B-School. If you have a specific hobby that you do during vacation, say so. If you can demonstrate that you know when you need to do nothing except sit on a beach, do so.

Bottom line, just be authentic and show some parts of your personality.

Bonus marks - determine if the interviewer is interested or shares common interests. If so or if not, turn it into a conversation, not just a story.


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Anonymous replied on Aug 12, 2020

Dear A,

There might be a trick in this question to check your dedication to the work and following your self-balance and preventing the burnout. Here I would confirm your dedication to getting your job done, but also convey your understanding that personal well-being is key to professional success.

As for the other things, like where and how, for me, doesn't make any sense.



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Allen on Aug 12, 2020
Don't work for any firm that throws a trick question at you. Not cool.
replied on Aug 30, 2021

My ideal vacation spot is anywhere in Italy:
1. I enjoy the food and landscape

2. I enjoy the company of people and the culture

3. The cities are beautiful and offer cultural experiences

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Andrei updated an answer on Aug 28, 2021

maldives, no haste, good infrastructure, good sleep, good food, much sports.  


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Content Creator
replied on Sep 30, 2020
McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut


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Allen gave the best answer


Ex-McK Experienced hire and EM - I specialize in helping experienced hires perform
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