What is the"synthesis exercise" on topic of choice at A.T. Kearney?

Anonymous A asked on Jan 03, 2018 - 1 answer

As part of A.T. Kearney Paris interviews, I was told I will have a (exercice de synthese "French") synthesis exercise on a business topic of my choice. Which will follow into a discussion with the interviewer.

Do you know what it is like? I would very much appreciate any insights on what this presentation could look like or if anyone have experienced it.


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Julien replied on Apr 12, 2018
Looking for strong case buddies english or french!

Hi Anonymous,

I have the same type of interview question coming up and to my understanding, you have to pick a news topic among several options and be able to present it in a short but concise summary. This is testing your ability to digest a lot of information under a time pressured environment and highlight the important parts of it.

That's all I can say since I have not yet had the interview. If you have had it, I was wondering if I could have a chat with you to ask a couple of questions?

Thank you,