What is the salary at McKinsey, is it truly globally set?

McKinsey salary
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Levente asked on Dec 29, 2017
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Hi! What are the salary levels at McKinsey for BA, Senior BA, Junior Associate (w/o MBA) and Associate (w/ MBA)?

I have heard that their salary level is high in the beginning but there is only one big jump, when you earn your MBA. Is that true? How big is that jump?

What is the range between the salaries of consultants at different offices? Do consultants earn the same in New York vs Berlin vs Vienna vs Budapest?

Thanks a lot.

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replied on Dec 29, 2017

Hey Levente,

As you may imagine, consultants are not supposed to share concrete information on salary levels, however you can get a good glimpse of them in websites such as glassdoor.

That said, I can share with you a couple of insights: salaries differ (significantly) from office to office (in part to compensate for differences in standard living costs, but not only); there is indeed an interesting jump from BA to Associate levels, but again for all roles there is a considerable difference in jumps across offices (btw, the biggest jump should be to Partner though!)

Hope this helped out

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replied on Dec 31, 2017
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Hi Levente,

as mentioned by Bruno, the easiest thing to check salaries would be via Glassdoor, as they change – potentially a lot – in different geographies (sometimes even if the geographies are close – eg Italy vs Switzerland) as it is not globally set.

There is a significant jump in percentage point for the base salary from Analyst to Associate; however, you have significant jumps for every step in the consulting ladder, till when you reach Partner level with base salary of $500k+ without bonuses in the US. That’s based on the fact that the higher the position, the higher the bonus, thus giving options for very very high compensations for top performers.



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Anonymous replied on Sep 03, 2020

Dear A,

The real information only HR knows. Here you can find only approximate numbers. Also you can check on a Glassdoor.


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replied on Feb 07, 2018
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Just wanted to point out that partner base compensation in US is close to - but doesn't reach usually - the $500k mark.


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