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What is the content of the written test of Bain&Co?

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New answer on Mar 01, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Nov 02, 2019

I got invited to take a written test at Bain&Co. Is it similar to BCG and McKinsey's potential tests?

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updated an answer on Nov 03, 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

the written case at Bain is different from the McK PST and BCG Potential Test.

As part of the test, you will receive a pack of slides and will usually have between 55 and 90 minutes, according to the office, to analyze them and create a 5-slide presentation. After that, you will usually have between 15 and 30 minutes, according to the office, to present the slides to the interviewers and answer their questions.

In case you are referring to the test used by Bain in South East Asia mentioned by Anonymous B, this is not called written case and involves multiple-choice questions and three questions to record via video on personality and business judgment. In general, the McK PST is a good way to prepare for it.

Hope this helps,



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Anonymous A on Nov 03, 2019

It says in the e-mail that this is a 50 minute written test. It does not say a written case interview. I am a bit confused.

Francesco on Nov 03, 2019

Hi Anonymous, have you tried to clarify with HR the content of the test? If not, I would recommend to do so

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replied on Mar 01, 2021
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The content does not actually matter that much. Remember that the skillset tested is the same than in the "usual" cases, hence, all the practice you may have done totally plays in your favor.

One important point to add is the need to be very 80-20, structured and to the point, since the prep time is very short, so we need discipline with the analysis to have enaugh time to prep the communication strategy.

There are many many entries in thsi same Q&A regarding written cases, hence, I would recommend you to look with the keywords "written case"

Hope it helps!



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Anonymous C replied on Nov 05, 2019

Hi, did you learn anything solid about the written test?

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Francesco gave the best answer


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