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Eva asked on Dec 28, 2018

Hi Everyone, I am interested in interviewing for a Sr. Implementation Consultant - healthcare position in Mckinsey Implementation. However, I had a few questions that I was hoping someone can answer:

1. What are examples of MI projects/studies within healthcare? I spoke with a person who said their 2 projects so far were supply/value chain, but I am hoping there is more areas that MI covers in healthcare. In addition, I know there is a Healthcare Analytics & Delivery (HAAD) team that may or maynot do their own implementation. Does MI support HAAD?

2. There are jobs posted for Sr. Implementation Consultant and Sr. Implementation Coach. What is the difference?

3. What is the expected salary for Sr. Implementation Coach/Consultant? All of the info posted to similar questions re: salary are Associate, Sr. Associate, then EM. How does Sr. Implementation Consultant/Coach compare?

Thank you for all of your help!


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replied on Dec 28, 2018
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I worked a lot on Healthcare at McK. Happy to help:

1) It's not limited to supply chain and projects may include anything, even improving directly the medical outcomes.

2) As far as I know - consultant is a track with the progression to the partner. Coach is not.

3) It was lower in implementation 3-4 years ago. However recently they added the partner track (consultant role) with the salaries similar to the generalist Associates / Managers / Partners. Can't give any details re coach role.


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