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Unorthodox question or Brainteaser?

Anonymous A asked on Apr 01, 2018 - 2 answers

Hi everyone, just got the following question (given the way it was framed / considering practicality of the question, I think the interviewer might have meant it more as a brainteaser): "how would you ensure your country won the next NBA tournament?"


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replied on Apr 02, 2018
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If it is NBA, then you've already solved the case since it's just the US.

If it is some other championship, think about several areas:

Start by clarifying the objective:

  • How do we define the winning success factors
  • What is the current level vs the desired level

Next I will use the following structure:

Motivation and team

  • Team composition
  • Financial
  • Non-financial

Developing the skills

  • Prep program (quality, structure, homework, etc)
  • Tools (Gyms, cardio, etc)
  • Coaches (Education, quality)

Infrastructure & funding

  • Assets (Building, sports grounds, IT, etc)
  • Funding (Ad Sponsors, Federal / state / local funding, Private Sponsors, Non-profits / mentor council, Funding abroad, Private - Parents)

Performance & monitoring

  • Our initiatives
  • KPIs
  • How do we track the performance of the team


In the clarifying the objective, I would add the time frame, you don't do the same thing if you're looking at winning the basket ball world champion ship next year or in a decade :) — EL AZZOUZI on Apr 02, 2018

Anonymous replied on Apr 01, 2018


Either there's something wrong in that question... or for me it just sounds as a very quick brainteaser to check you're paying enough attention to realize that no country can win a NBA tournment, because it's not a nations competition.