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Anonymous A asked on Sep 10, 2018

Hi community!

I can find a lot of information on the switch within MBB level, but what do I have to consider when I want to transition to another consultancy on the same level, but non-MBB? E.g. boutique firms or Tier2/3?

What is the best time for a switch? And is this common?

I appreciate your answer

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replied on Sep 10, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

the main element to consider is always your motivation for the change. Normally, you want to move to a company better positioned to your goals, thus you should do due diligence in advance to ensure the target company fits that (eg faster career, higher position, better work-life balance, better culture...)

The best time to switch depends on your goals - people switch at all levels of the hierarchy, although usually it happens at Manager/Principal level. And yes, I would say it is pretty common.

You can find some other general tips on that for MBB lateral hire, mainly true as well for 2nd-3rd tiers, at the following link:


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replied on Sep 19, 2018
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A few friends of mine have done this, typically after ~ 2 years. One is now a partner at Strategy&, another just left BCG after 5 or 6 years there. Oh, and one of my BCG partners had made it to principal elsewhere before.

It is possible. As mentioned above, your entry fee is your time. Everyone I know who has done it would do it again.

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replied on Sep 11, 2018
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Keep in mind that when you swithc, your "virtually" paying en entry cost that is time. Indeed you'll lose the time to build a new reputaiton in your new firm. Once this is done your carreer can be accelerated again.

This being said, if you feel you need to switch for your own perspectives (alignement with firm objectives, practices, promotion potential) :

- make sure you project yourself in the new company for min. 2-3 years, otherwise it doesn't make sense

- lay out clearly your motivation, to explain this in the future interview. Could bed either a specific practice you're interested in and is not in your previous firm, or some developpement potential within the firm that are not the same

Hope this helps


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