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Transition from Consulting to PE - What has been your experience with that?

consulting drop out experience Private Equity
New answer on Nov 16, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Nov 12, 2019

The question pretty much says it all. Thankful for any insights!

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Anonymous replied on Nov 16, 2019

Agree that it gets a bit more challenging when you become more senior in consulting. So move earlier if you can.

In additional, if you know PE is the place you want to go, esp the investment team, then try to be selective / more strategic in the consulting projects you work on. You likely would benefit from doing a lot more corporate development work, including Due Diligence.

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Content Creator
replied on Nov 12, 2019
McKinsey | NASA | top 10 FT MBA professor for consulting interviews | 6+ years of coaching

in terms of what?

I have many former colleagues who moved to PE. Most of PE associates come from MBB and top investment banking (the other from MBA programs). Therefore in MBB you can create a strong CV for PE.

Hope it helps,

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replied on Nov 12, 2019
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


I would say it's hard, especially at the later stages. For example, there are more PE alums to Harvard MBA than PE jobs post MBA. So I personally know some people with PE experience who didn't manage to secure a PE offer. The earlier you make the transition - the better.

The role is also important. It's easy to get an ops role that will not have the major benefits of PE - Carry, Bonus. Securing a PE deal desk offer is much harder


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