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PhD Student at Northwestern University - Upcoming Interview with McKinsey


I got interviews with MBB but didn't make it past the first round.Other than waiting 1-2 years, what else would people recommend so I get another chance?


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Anonymous updated the answer on Oct 24, 2017

I didn't have the experience of applying for a second time but as a Partner that led recruiting for McKinsey's Boston office and can tell you what I saw and looked for. I didn't hesitate to look for candidates that reapplied. I did have a record of their first application and all of the notes of why they were a turndown in the first place. This included:

  • Strength of resume
  • Interaction with recruiters and consultants
  • Notes of their 1st / 2nd round interview performance (if they had one)
  • Office preferences

For their “rebound”, I looked at the following:

  • Growth: What has the candidate done in the previous years to improve upon their skills that would be helpful as a consultant?
  • Company / Position: What was the company / firm they worked for? Was it a Fortune Global 500 company? Was it a highly entrepreneurial company? Did the candidate have a highly visible position?
  • Drive/Achieving: Has the candidate shown significant drive / achieving attributes that warrant an interview?
  • Interest: Has the candidate networked and stayed in touch with the consulting ecosystem?
  • Goals: Why does the candidate want to leave her/his position to join consulting? And, is she/he willing to start over at the junior level as an Associate?


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