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Talk between interviewers

Case Interview McKinsey
New answer on Jul 13, 2019
3 Answers
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Anonymous A asked on Jul 12, 2019

Dear experts,

do interviewers talk about candidates in the break between interviews at McKinsey? I mean does the first interviewer give the second a quick notification how the first interview went?


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Content Creator
replied on Jul 13, 2019
5+ Years at BCG & Kearney Dubai & Istanbul | 400+ Trainees | Free 15-min Consultation Call


Usually, interviewers do not speak to each other to make sure that there is no bias towards the candidate. As outlined by other experts here, there is a dedicated session later where all interviewers share their feedback and decide on the outcome.



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replied on Jul 12, 2019
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


They rarely discuss between the interviews, unless there is something specific they want to check on the next interview.

They will usually discuss after the interview on a dedicated call


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Jamie replied on Jul 12, 2019
Former Tier 2, now MBB in Dubai. Here to chill :)

Hi there,

As a senior consultant in a fast growing tier 2 firm, I have been giving final rounds for the past year now directly discussing with senior partners regarding hiring decisions
In my experience, rarely do interviewers communicate between interviews simply because there is no time, you basicaly go from one room to the next and they dont leave the room.
Still 3 things can happen:
(1) Prior to the interview we align on certain points (e.g. this partner will have the role of testing is quant skills; OR I will understand is deeper motivation for company etc).
(2) During a break I will quickly say I have asked you about leadership so my colleague should ask about teamwork
(3) Information from your first round will be taken to the next round and we will be testing specific points we were not so sure about (e.g. structuring)
Hope this helps!

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Deniz gave the best answer


Content Creator
5+ Years at BCG & Kearney Dubai & Istanbul | 400+ Trainees | Free 15-min Consultation Call
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