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Strategy& vs. Roland Berger in London

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New answer on Nov 30, 2023
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 02, 2017

I received an offer from both Strategy& and Roland Berger in London.

How do they both rank compared to MBB?

Does anyone have experience with either and could give me some input to facilitate my decision?

I would highly appreciate it!

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replied on Nov 30, 2023
Ex-Roland Berger|Project Manager and Recruiter|7+ years of consulting experience in USA and Europe


I have personal experience with RB and can say that the London office mainly focuses on due diligence work. Projects are done out of the office with typically little travel. That said, many consulting firms located in London do a lot of investor support work. It depends on whether you like this sort of focus or if you would prefer doing strategy or implementation projects directly at the client site. If the latter is the case, other office locations within the company are probably more suitable.


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Content Creator
replied on Oct 31, 2023
FREE 15MIN CONSULTATION | #1 Strategy& / OW coach | >70 5* reviews |90% offers ⇨ | MENA, DE, UK

Congratulations on receiving offers from both Strategy& and Roland Berger in London! Both firms are highly reputable and offer great opportunities for your consulting career. While MBB (McKinsey, BCG, Bain) is often considered the top tier in the consulting industry, it's important to note that the differences between these firms are not as significant as some may perceive.

In terms of reputation, both Strategy& and Roland Berger are well-regarded and have a strong presence in the London market. Strategy& is part of the PwC network and has a rich history in strategy consulting, while Roland Berger is known for its focus on strategy and its European roots.

To make an informed decision, I recommend reaching out to individuals who have firsthand experience at both firms. Speaking with current or former employees can provide valuable insights into the culture, work-life balance, project opportunities, and career progression at each firm. They can share their personal experiences and help you understand which firm aligns better with your career goals and aspirations.

Additionally, consider factors such as the industries and sectors that each firm specializes in, as well as the types of projects they typically undertake. This can help you assess which firm's client base and project portfolio align more closely with your interests and long-term career objectives.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your personal preferences, career goals, and the opportunities that each firm offers. Take the time to gather information, reflect on your priorities, and make a decision that feels right for you. Best of luck with your decision-making process!

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replied on Apr 02, 2017
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

Congratulations, both are fine companies!

First, quick caveat: I am a former BCG consultant, from Europe but with consultant experience in the US only.

I would rank both as below MBB, but fairly close - probably #4 and #5 in Europe. My semi-educated guess would be to put Roland Berger ahead of Strategy& in Europe, but reverse this ranking in the US.

Which one to choose? Truthfully, the actual rank and reputation doesn't matter since they are very solid consultancy shops and recognized as such in the UK. I will assume both offices are quite large since in London, so both probably have a number of partners specializing in all the big verticals. If you think of moving to the States, small nod to Strategy&. If not, focus on where you felt best, which people you met and liked most...

One thing most people don't realize is that where you go to school doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things - and which consultancy you join doesn't really matter much either. A few years post consulting, you would be hard pressed to figure out which of Consultant#1 and Consultant#2 went to MBB vs. RB/Strategy&. Just follow your heart, you will do great. Ah, and congrats again :)



ex-BCG Dallas

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Anonymous replied on Apr 04, 2017

Hi Anonymous,

in addition to what Guennael already mentioned, 2 points to keep in mind:

- Roland Berger has repeatetly gone though financial difficutlies; For now they're good, but likely only due to the great overall economic situation. Major weakness: Almost no presence in the US and sub-scale overall

- Strategy& is now a part of PWC. While Strategy& liked to see themselves up with MBB & Berger, they are now being merged with PWC advisory (where, e.g., slaries are much lower than at MBB)

But overall I agree - follow your heart

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Dennis gave the best answer


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Ex-Roland Berger|Project Manager and Recruiter|7+ years of consulting experience in USA and Europe
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