Starting salary for phd graduate

Anonymous A asked on Jul 13, 2017 - 1 answer

Hi everyone!

I was wondering what starting salary I can or should expect as a phd graduate at different types of consultancies (MBB, top tier)? How does it differ for MBA or Master graduates?

Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous B updated his answer on Jul 13, 2017

It depends on the firm. MBB hire PhDs/JDs/MDs at post-MBA level so the salary is same as MBA graduates. They are hired at McK at associate level and at BCG and Bain at consultant level.

The salary depends largely on the office and geographic location. For example, in the US, it is around $150K + up to 20% of base salary as performace bonus + sign on bonus.

Masters are hired at entry level read Business Analyst at McK or Associate at BCG but at a higher cohort than an undergrad. So the pay is a bit better than undergrads.

Tier-2 firms (OW, BAH, RB, Strategy&, etc.) tend to hire PhDs at a lower level than MBA grads.