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Anonymous C asked on May 28, 2017 - 2 answers

Hey Guys. So unlike most of you here, I'm a beginner at cases and am looking for some solid approach on how to practice them in a structured manner. Any pointers would be helpful at this point. Thanks!

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Olu replied on Jun 05, 2017
Looking for solid partners (10+Cases) . Currently preparing for MBB,Tier II & Big 4- Given and Done 15+ cases

Okay so I get that you are just starting to case, but what else have you covered? Have you familiarized yourself with what to do, what is expected and how to go about doing these? If yes, then it comes down to

  1. Practice, practice and more practice. Start with beginners or people with similar skill level who have done their homework as well. Then progress to more experience folks, also do leverage the experts every now and then for sake of calibration.
  2. Get actionable feedback from your practice sessions ( As both an interviewee and Interviewer)and implement corrective action, find some sort of way to track say typical mistake you make or bad habits etc. and ensure they fade away as you progress.
  3. Work on mental math and estimation as often as you can ( use Prep lounge math tool)
  4. Do cases you failed again (after a good amount of time has passed)
  5. Always time yourself and ensure you simulate true casing environment every time you practice.

If No, then familiarize yourself with the process by doing the following below, and then moving to the items above:

  1. Read books- Case in point (Marc Cosentino), Case interview secret (Victor Cheng) etc.
  2. Use Prep lounge videos, case boot camp and other resources etc
  3. Ask question (like you did on prep lounge) to others who have gone through the process

Hopefully this helps!

Anonymous H replied on May 29, 2017


I would recommand looking into Victor ChengĀ“s material. he has 4 classic frameworks (profit / loss, business situation, M&A, and demand & supply problem framework) with which you can or should be able to solve most of the cases.