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Anonymous A asked on Mar 07, 2019


I recently received an offer from MBB and I have been given two start dates, either in May or June. Is there any advantage to starting earlier/later? I would imagine not but just wanted to confirm.


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replied on Mar 07, 2019
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From the company perspective it doesn't matter. On a personal level, you need to decide what you want (getting a salary earlier vs having some time to travel/relax/spending with friends&family etc.). You can ask HR what the size of each starting date is, since it can be a better experience if you have enough peers starting at the same time.

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replied on Mar 07, 2019
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Just more time for you to relax. Although keep in mind that they can call you any time and ask to start earlier.



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replied on Mar 07, 2019
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As mentioned already: it really is a personal decision, there's no right and wrong answer.

PS: Depending on the office, you might even be able to get a later start date (August, or even September).

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Anonymous B replied on Mar 07, 2019

One influencing factor could be the location of your initial training. It depends on a company, but it's possible that depending on whether you are joinig in May or June you'll get your initial training in different countries/cities. You might want to select the city/country where you'll have more projects. You'll need to network more with colleagues from this city/country. You can check with HR and ask where the initial training will take place in each month.

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Anonymous replied on Jul 11, 2020

Dear A,

Congratulations to your offer!

It's totally ok to push back your starting date. You can also spend this time with your family and friends, because your personal life will come short after you start in consulting.

Last but not least,it's also very valuable time to prepare yourself in consulting industry. If you wish, I can share with you deep insights: working culture and how to become a successful consultant and build quick career over there.

Feel free to drop a line.

Good luck,


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