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Anonymous A asked on Nov 19, 2018

what happens when an associate of an MBB goes for an MBA, comes back and decide after a while to quit to join another firm. Will he/she have to pay the whole amount of the MBA the company had paid for?

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Anonymous B replied on Nov 19, 2018


Based on what I know of two industry companies and one consulting firm, payback is usually per time. For instance, if you study for two years, you're expected to stay in the company for two years after to pay back all your dues.

Should you choose to leave before that, then companies/firms would most likely do one of three things:

  • Ask you to pay back what's left of the amount immediately (they'll take as much as needed from your severance, paid leaves, etc. before your resignation).
  • Set up a payback plan (i.e. installments).
  • Mix between first and second points above.

In very big companies, however, entities responsible of academic development financial lags will turn a blind eye due to the tedious and convoluted legal procedure taking place on their end, though that is a rarity.

replied on Nov 19, 2018
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Hi A,

Associate will pay what is left depending on how many months he worked for a company after MBA.

What is more, you can negotiate signing bonus with your future employer to cover expenses for MBA.

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Vlad replied on Nov 19, 2018
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He will pay pro-rata what's left.