Since when does TKMC exist and what improvements have you accomplished so far?

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Anonymous A asked on Feb 13, 2019

Dear TKMC,

as an inhouse consultancy, you can focus on one client and perhaps achieve more and quicker progress than an external consulting firm would? Would you agree and what have you accomplished so far?

Thanks for your reply

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Linda replied on Feb 13, 2019
Senior Consultant

TKMC was established in 2009 by three of our alumni who still work at thyssenkrupp and started with juts 5 employees. Now TKMC has around 70 employees and has completed over 300 projects worldwide.

As an internal consultancy our goal is to shape and push forward thyssenkrupp and tackle current issues and challenges of the company. Every challenge which thyssenkrupp is facing, we are facing too and support the company on all upcoming challenges.

Currently we are heavily involved in the future strategic steps of thyssenkrupp. We have at the moment the outstanding opportunity to experience and form one of the biggest changes within a DAX 30 company at first hand. As in internal consultancy we get deep insights and we are treated as colleagues which is a big advantage from my point of view. Due to our deep knowledge and network in all Business areas across the company we can provide best practices and can help to always find the best suitable solution and bring people together from different areas.

We focus on all Business units of the group and tackle challenges from the operative level up to corporate level. We support manufacturing areas, optimizing processes etc. up to strategic topics, shaping strategies, market evaluations, benchmarking etc. We have currently a broad international project portfolio and colleagues supporting in Australia, USA and Hungary in different areas and topics. We not only focus on strategy and performance issues but also on digitalization and transformation.

I hope this answers your questions.



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