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New answer on Sep 18, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 16, 2021

How is Simon Kucher's culture like?

In terms of leadership, life at the office, relationships between colleagues, relationships with the client, etc.

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replied on Sep 17, 2021
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Hi there,

This is indeed an interesting question which is probably relevant for quite a lot of users, so I'm happy to give you my perspective on that:

  • While I agree with what other coaches said about platforms like Vault, Fishbowl or Glassdoor, I would advise you to take the information presented with a pinch of salt. Often times, it is either marketing material from the company itself, employees who are overtly excited or past employees who got laid off and hold a grudge.
  • Instead, I would strongly advise you to talk to people who work at SKP for several years, got to know a lot of colleagues, offices and thus have gathered a realistic point of view on the culture. In case you don't know anybody working at SKP, I'd be happy to introduce you to one or two people of my personal network who have been working at SKP for several years.

I hope this helps,


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Anonymous B replied on Sep 16, 2021

Hi there,

I used to work for SKP before moving to MBB.

I would say SKP culture is one of the weaker points of the firm. 

During my time in the firm I never felt the leadership to be much involved into the development of junior members or even promoting a good work environment within the office.

Relationship between colleagues its like any other firm.

I always felt relationship between us and clients was extremely transactional, compared to MBB where I see we are perceived as “advisors” quite often.

At the end of the day SKP is still pretty much a marketing consultancy where you will spend majority of your time doing surveys that have little impact in shaping your client's organization. 

At least the hours are a better.

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replied on Sep 16, 2021
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Hi there,

I don't have good inside knowledge into Simon Kucher culture itself, but I highly recommend you take a look on both Vault and Fishbowl - lots of fantastic Q&A/commentary from people who actually worked there!

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replied on Sep 16, 2021
McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews


I can't give you an exact answer, unfortunately.

Why don't you reach out to SK's consultants and ask for more information on this?

Hope this helps.



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Anonymous C replied on Sep 18, 2021

I worked for them a few years back. I would say that culture is highly dependent on office, region, and practice. That's why is always best to speak with people who currently work or have left recently the office you are applying to.


Overall my experience with SKP was a good one. It's more of a work hard but laid back office culture. People are generally friendly and reachable. What I have seen is that the larger offices strive a bit more to make you feel integrated and part of the team while smaller offices have more of a distinct culture.  Hours are also much better (for the most part) comparing to other firms.


The firm was growing at close to 20% YoY so there are also lots of opportunities to grow within and with the firm. But because of that, the leadership focuses more on trying to continue chasing the unreasonable growth rather than focusing on developing the juniors.

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Current Bain & Company Project Leader and interviewer | 250+ interviews conducted | 6+ years of coaching and mentoring
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