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Simon Kucher analyst position

Simon & Kucher Simon-Kucher Simon-Kucher & Partners
New answer on Oct 06, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Oct 01, 2021



I wanted to apply to Simon Kucher's London office as an analyst.

I asked a SK consultant if they hired for entry-level positions. He told me that the only way in for a graduate is via an internship. I emailed the HR to get a confirmation but didn't have any answer and I didn't see any information on their website.

Does someone know if it's true?



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Best answer
replied on Oct 01, 2021
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There is a shortage of analysts right now, and I guess that there weren't a lot of internships going on recently given the pandemic (and also the offer acceptance rate after the internships has taken a toll as the remote experience is particularly hard on new hires). 

So while not being able to answer your question, I advise to apply anyway. Even if they only hire through internships, there is a strong chance they make exceptions right now given what I mentioned above.

Best of luck!

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Anonymous A on Oct 01, 2021

Thanks a lot for your answer! I will apply then.

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replied on Oct 02, 2021
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Hi there,

If that's what he said and he currently works there he likely knows best!

That said, I can't see how it would hurt to at least apply.

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replied on Oct 02, 2021
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I think following up with HR as you did is a good idea - I would also double-check their website to see if you can find any info on this, if you haven't done so already. That being said, it's probably true if that's what he told you, but there's no downside to applying anyway just in case (especially if you can't find this information anywhere else). You wouldn't want to miss out on an offer just because you were operating under the wrong assumptions.

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replied on Oct 06, 2021
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I would send a follow-up email and, if you don't get any answer, I will apply directly online.

Good luck,


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Pedro gave the best answer


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