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New answer on Nov 26, 2021
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Svenja asked on Nov 25, 2021

Do you always work in the same team or does it rotate completely?

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Pia replied on Nov 25, 2021
HR Business Partner

You will be working in different teams which are put together differently for each project. Usually, when you start as Consultant, you will be working in different teams and rotate at least every 6 months to see different parts of the business, expand your network etc.  ….and get to know many Consulting colleagues better. 
Getting to know the whole RWE Consulting team is already part of our onboarding and we try to connect with everyone regularly in our weekly team meeting, coffee chats and team events, of course :)

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Sina replied on Nov 26, 2021
Junior Consultant

Hi Svenja, 

Same as at most consultancies, you will switch teams at TKMC whenever you start a new project. 

This gives you the opportunity to get to know the working style of your colleagues and especially of your project manager. I personally think it is very interesting to see how differently the project managers work - I am not saying that one is better than the other, just different! This gives you the opportunity to reflect and think about how you want to be your future leadership style.



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Jana replied on Nov 26, 2021
Senior Consultant Product Supply

Dear Svenja,

the same holds for Bayer S&BC. Our staffing foresees a new project roughly every 6 months. This does not mean our projects necessarily end after this time. We also have projects that last longer than 6 months, so there is a regular change in the project team, dependant on the respective starting dates. I personally really like this as it allows to connect with many of my colleagues :)



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Patricia replied on Nov 25, 2021
Senior Consultant

Hi Svenja,

whenever you rotate a project this usually means you also change your team. I personally feel like this is super valuable as you get to work with all kinds of people and personalities :) 


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Ksenia replied on Nov 25, 2021

Hi Svenja,

At DHL Consulting, you will have a new team for each project which gives you a great opportunity to get to know everyone closely (of course there are plenty of other opportunities to meet other colleagues, such as daily lunches, coffee roulettes and many many events we have on a regular basis).

Additionally, the projects can be from any of DHL business areas, which also gives you a great opportunity to learn about the company and industry from all angles. 

Best regards,


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Claudine replied on Nov 25, 2021
Business Consultant

Hello Svenja, 

at BearingPoint every consultant belongs to a service line and an industry team. Depending on the different client projects you work with colleagues from your own team and also from other teams. This way over time you will meet some team members again on projects and build a strong internal network, but also get to know new colleagues regularly. 

Kind regards,

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