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Anonymous A asked on Jun 23, 2020

Any recommendations or go-to resources to prepare for the Roland Berger's TalentQ Elements Assessment? Please share your experience on taking the test. Is there a passing criteria?


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Alexander updated an answer on Nov 05, 2020

Hello Anonymous,

I took that test at the end of last year and I don't think that it has changed since.

The test is an adaptive test, and if you answer a set of questions correctly, the next step will be harder. As such, the passing criterium is not related to answering a certain percentage correctly, but to the difficulty level of the questions you reach.

That being said, it is a very tough test. The time limit is rough, and the questions can be very challenging, too. I found that the sample test you should be able to access is indicative of the starting level of the actual test, but that the questions then very quickly got much more challenging. Which is, of course, a good sign as the system thinks that you can handle it. Nonetheless, the test is used by HR to weed out applicants - I've heard that only ~30% of applicants pass this step, but that is an inofficial estimate and I'm not sure how much there is to it.

As far as resources go, the sample test is the best I could find. There are some mock tests you can find online, but I found no (free) resource that was helpful. One thing I can recommend is to make sure that you're intimately familiar with your calculator. The math section often comes down to calculating very, very quickly - the questions aren't hard, it literally comes down to going through a table, punching in some numbers and then selecting the result from a drop-down list.

Hope this helps!



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Anonymous replied on Jul 10, 2020

Dear A,

The best resource to practice your quantitative skills that I know so far is and then select "Elements Practice Test". I would recommend you to practice different math, logic and verbal tests there.

If you need any further help with preparation to Roland Berger interview, feel free to reach out. I'm happy to share my experience with your.



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Anonymous B replied on Jun 23, 2020

Do you mind sharing when you were invited to take the test?

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replied on Jun 29, 2020
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I would leverage GMAT to prep, since they share many things, like the fact that it´s adaptative -if you give a right answer, the next one is going to be harder, and so on-.

There is a lot of online free trials you can leverage by simple Google searching



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