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Resume: Work Experience or Leadership Experience

Someone asked on Aug 05, 2018 - 3 answers


i have 4 work experiences in my resume and I don’t think that it will fit my 1-page resume. Would MBB firms really care about leadership experience on campus that much?

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Francesco replied on Aug 05, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

if I understood correctly, your question is whether you should delete any of your four work experiences to make space for leadership ones or keep the working experiences without including a leadership one. The answer is – it depends. In general, it make sense to have leadership experience in your CV, so theoretically you could eliminate one of the four working experience to make space for a leadership one. But that would of course depend on the working experience as well and your achievements with it. I would recommend you post a description of the experiences you currently have to help evaluate them more clearly.



Benjamin replied on Aug 05, 2018
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Can you please the total number of years of experience ?

In any case I would try to prioritize the space taken by a given experience based on th value it creates in your resume. For instance, you can withdraw an internship exp. if not directly related to consulting. Or reduce number of lines on education, by merging into one experience exchange programs if you have some.
If you provide with your cv I can have a quick look.


Vlad replied on Aug 05, 2018
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The general rule is - you need more than 2 pages if you have 10+ years of experience.

If you have 4 roles of relevant work experience (assuming each of them is 1+ years), your on-campus experience is less important.

However, based on my experience you can easily fit 4 jobs and on-campus activities description in 1-pager. Probably your career description can be more concise.