Rejection from a MBB - what went wrong?

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Anonymous A asked on Nov 19, 2020

I was hoping to discuss my CV with someone to see if they have any feedback on why I was not successful. I thought I could at least get an interview as I had a solid referral.

Thank you so much.

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Hi there,

It is difficult to answer without seeing your CV and Cover. The most likely reasons given you had a referral are:

  • CV / Cover not well structured
  • CV / Cover not fitting the requirements for a consulting application (eg low GPA)
  • Lack of demand for candidates in the office you applied

Hope this helps,

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Sorry about the rejection. Its part of the process and everyone faces it. Hope you are dealing with it well. Agree with what other coaches have said, try and get some direct feedback if you can.

But to give you a flavour, so many things could have happened in the background which you have no control over:

  1. Very talented pool of candidates, stiff comptition
  2. Very high number of applications
  3. CV not appealing enough, hard to differentiate
  4. Demand filled
  5. Client priorities changed, projects moved around and COVID unertainties
  6. Existing bench of consultants which needs to be cleared before hiring new ones

Good luck!

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Which firm and office? It's probably best that you get feedback from someone who has relevant experience as opposed to wild speculations from different coaches!

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The referral only guarantees that the CV is reviewed by HR, nothing else. If they think you don´t meet the bar for whatever reason... unfortunately it dies there.

Have you asked your referrer for feedback?

Hope it helps!

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Hi there,

Feel free to send it through. Mind you, CV is just one part of it. The main reasons (any and all) that you may have been rejected include:

  • Weak/messy CV (both formatting and content)
  • Weak cover letter
  • Lack of office demand
  • Less strong of a referral than you think
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Sure, feel free to send your CV. Pls keep in mind that it's not alwasy about your CV:

  • The process is very competitive in certain offices (London, NY) and it's hard to get there even with a refferal
  • MBB hired all MBA interns recentely during covid and now they are overstaffed with candidates


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Happy to take a look if you still want someone to do so

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There are different factors that might affect the interview decision, even if you have a referral. But without more detailed information it's difficul to judge.

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feel free to text me for quick feedback



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Hi there!

Sorry to hear about that! However, rejection is also an experience. Use the time given to significantly upgrade your profile and to maximize your chances next year!

- Relevant work experience. Have you applied somewhere else? Tier 2 consulting firms could be a great start and give you the needed experience that would be of great advantage in the future and make you a better fit for the desired company.

- Preparation. Solve different types of cases, prepare for the fit part carefully, improve your feeling of confidence.

- Networking. I would strongly recommend finding some contacts within the targeted firm to understand how it is from the inside, have a better idea of your position here in the future.

Maybe even think of the guidance of an experienced coach.

Do you need any further help?

​Good luck!


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