I Got Rejected for Bain Event, Does it Mean i Should Not Apply for Role Directly?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 08, 2018 - 5 answers
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Anonymous B replied on Mar 08, 2018

You should definitely apply! Sometimes they are looking for a specific profile that they want to attract and you might not be the target group.

I got rejected from an international McKinsey event so I applied directly for a full-time position one month after and they invited me to the interview immediately :)

Just make sure your CV is well prepared and that your cover letter specifies why you want to work particularly at Bain

Good luck! :)

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replied on Mar 09, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

the reason for the rejection could be either related to your CV/Cover or to something external (eg you were not a good fit for the specific event). You can definitely apply for the role, however would recommend having someone reviewing your CV and Cover, to be sure the decline is not related to them.


updated his answer on Mar 08, 2018
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There may be multiple reasons for that:

  • Capacity vs. demand
  • The nature of the event (maybe it was for particular grads or smth)
  • The problem with your resume

I would perceive it as a red flag and I would check with current consultants (or ideally Bainees from that office) how good is the resume.

Feel free to send me your resume, I will provide some advice



replied on Mar 08, 2018
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There is no downside in applying directly for interviews. However, as stated, this is a red flag. In my experience, reasons for not being invited to an event are: lack of minimum qualifying criteria (e.g. GPA) or lack of “signals” from resume, cover letter, other experiences that person is indeed interested in consulting and in Bain.

those can be resolved and, as stated, are not always show stoppers for interview invitation.

hope it helps!


Anonymous C replied on Mar 18, 2018


I would still apply for an interview. In my experience, especially the "top-events" have a higher demand to capacity ratio than the interviews.

Myself, I tried it at multiple events earlier at BCG, McK and got rejected and still got a BCG, Bain etc. offer.

Good luck!

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