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Anonymous A asked on Sep 23, 2019

I was rejected after the 2rounds of interviews.

1) When can i re-apply soonest?

2) Since i was seen by Mck, what can i do to make them re-consider me, what additional CV elements would help? Working in a sector they serve, working in a second tier company would help? (First tier definitely would make sense so not asking if it would help)

Thank you

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replied on Sep 23, 2019
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1) 1-2 years depending on the office and your particular case

2) Working with a well-established brand / working with 2nd Tier consulting company will help.

I will look at the extracurricular activities:

  1. Launching your own venture and entrepreneurial activities (even failing them is fine)
  2. Grants / scholarships - even better if related to some research or entrepreneurial projects
  3. Projects for companies - you may consider doing a free project for the company or a startup or writing a case that future grads will use
  4. Volunteer / social activities. I would aim at the activities where you can have a leadership role. Organizing some club may work as well.
  5. Case Competitions-especially the ones organized by your target company
  6. Researches / articles published in well-known sources

I would try to go deep rather than broad. It's good to have something that you can put as a part-time job in your resume rather than just a bullet point. It will also give you great stories for the FIT part of the interview.


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replied on Sep 24, 2019
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Hi A,

I would ask your recruiter for the official timeline for that office.

There are things you can do to make the waiting time shorter. One is, you can get in touch with a Partner - potentially a Partner you had a good click with during the interviews - and stay in touch for the next 6-12 months. A referral by said Partner can grant you an interview earlier than the official deadline.


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updated an answer on Sep 24, 2019
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Hi and hope all is well,

Answer to your first question:

Usually 2 years. This is also enough time for them to forget about you, which gives you a good chance to start fresh once you re-apply.

Answer to your second question:

I would consider why you got rejected after the second round. If you passed the CV filtering and the first round, it most likely means that there is no significant or unachieavable difference between you and those that get the offer. Perhaps it was more of a fit issue, or you did not crack the personal part of the interviews, or there were just too many good candidates during your recruiting season.

The interviewers probably gave you a feedback. If not, the first act I would recommend is to actually ASK them for it and try to get a better understanding as to why you got rejected at the 2nd round. This will also show them how determined you are and how bad you want the job, which will portray a positive image of you. (Just dont push too hard, there is a fine line between pushing and pushing too hard)

When it comes to what you can do in the meantime, there is not one simple answer to this. My take would be, do whatever it is that you would enjoy doing and you think you will be good at. This can be entrepreneurship, working at a startup, becoming a YouTuber, working at a bank, anything. Because, any "different" experience that you gain during these two years that you enjoy and test yourself will be much more valuable than a text book next step. You will have a story to tell when you try for the second time.

Below are some of my practical next step recommendations:

1) Network and meet with as many people as possible from the firms you want to re-apply to. You can also ask them for an advice as to what you can do in the meantime. Maybe they have an opportunity that you might be interested in

2) Practice and sharpen your interview skills. Practice, practice and practice

3) If and only if you are genuinely interested, apply for positions at your dream firm's clients and look to be a team leader on the client side for their project, this will increase your exposure to them

4) Test if you actually like consulting. You can do that by basically giving free advice to anyone that is asking for it in areas where you have credibility. This will also sharpen your people skills as a consultant.

5) Do not give up. Seriously, if you got rejected at 2nd round, you have what it takes. If you want it bad enough, you will get it. 2 years is not that long.

Good luck and cheers


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