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Max asked on Jun 14, 2019

Hey everyone,

I have an Interview for a Research Analyst Position next week. The company send me a few

Business cases to prepare, I'm struggeling with one of them:

  • “Where in the world does Porsche manufacture their cars? How many factories do they have in Asia?”

How would you structure the research, what would be your approach?

Thanks in advance!

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updated an answer on Jun 14, 2019

regarding your structure, have a look here: You get some good ideas about how to structure when looking at the numbers. Generally, car manufacturers' production output is mainly a function of demand. Also, keep in mind that Porsche cars are high-priced cars, so not everyone is able to afford one.
Aspects would thus be:

  • Countries of production (infrastructure could be important: railways and roads, to transport cars; tax, etc.)
  • Demand (from where?, how much?, segments?, market size? price willing to pay? want premium upgrades? want service maintenance contract?, etc.)
  • Throughput and lead time (production time? needed staff? cost of staff, management? where head office? robots and other tools?)
  • Risks of production (competitors steal customers? Ferrari? Lamborghini? AMG? where are they and does Porsche need to open a new facility there quickly to avoid potential customers buying from the competition? speed of production high enough?)

Good luck!


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Max on Jun 16, 2019

Thank you very much!