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PwC Strategy& Deals Strategy Internship

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New answer on Oct 31, 2023
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Colin asked on Jan 24, 2016

Hey folks,

I have a first round interview on Tuesday for PwC's Strategy& Deals Strategy internship. I'm unsure of what to expect since the formal Deals Strategy practice segment is pretty new. I haven't been able to find as much information about those cases in particular. Can anyone shed some light as to whether the cases will be general case questions, or if they'll be deeper M&A dives? I'm wondering if I should knock the rust off my DCF skills, or if higher level M&A considerations will suffice.


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replied on Oct 31, 2023
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Hi there! Congratulations on securing an interview for PwC's Strategy& Deals Strategy internship! While I don't have specific information about the cases for this particular practice, I can provide some general guidance.

Given that you are interviewing for the Deals Strategy practice, it is likely that the cases will have a focus on M&A considerations. This could involve analyzing potential acquisitions, evaluating synergies, conducting due diligence, or assessing post-merger integration strategies. It would be beneficial to refresh your knowledge of M&A concepts and frameworks, as well as familiarize yourself with valuation methods and financial modeling, including DCF.

In addition to technical skills, it's important to demonstrate your ability to think strategically and analyze complex business situations. This may involve considering broader strategic implications, understanding industry dynamics, and identifying value creation opportunities within the context of M&A transactions.

While I cannot provide specific details about the cases you will encounter, I recommend reviewing case interview resources and practicing with M&A-related cases to sharpen your problem-solving skills. Additionally, staying up to date with current trends and developments in the Deals Strategy space can help you showcase your industry knowledge and passion for the field.

Remember to approach the cases with a structured and logical mindset, communicate your thoughts clearly, and demonstrate your ability to think critically and make sound recommendations. Good luck with your interview at PwC's Strategy& Deals Strategy practice!

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Da replied on Jan 27, 2016
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Alex replied on Jan 27, 2016

How was it Colin?

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Raj gave the best answer


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