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Anonymous A asked on Feb 16, 2017 - 2 answers

Hello there,

I am interviewing for PwC Management Consulting in Germany soon and was wondering whether anyone has recent experiences with the Assessment day there?

Hints and tips about procedures are very welcome


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Anonymous C replied on Feb 17, 2017

I took part at the assessment day for financial services consultant position. I had an (1) interview with HR recruiter which was just a personal fit interview. They asked me to introduce myself and asked me questions regarding different situations and how I would react in each one. It was just a type of question-answer conversation, so no follow up questions based on my answers.Then I had to do a (2) computer based multiple choice test with quantitative math, logic and verbal questions. It was quite easy. After that I got a short (3) case study, got 20 mins to prepare a presentation of my recommendation. Then I got a second (4) case study which was financial service/banking related. Again I had 20 mins to prepare and then they asked me question. This case study was in English. Overall it was a pleasant interview. The second case was a bit more difficult, but otherwise it was really ok and overall it seems like a fair process. Good luck with it!

Anonymous B replied on Feb 16, 2017

Hey there! My experience is not that recent (about 2 years ago) but maybe this will help you anyway. On the day, we had one personal fit interview and two case study interviews (in my case it was a short market sizing case/brain teaser and a longer market entry case). One case study was in English, the rest of the interview in German.