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New answer on Mar 22, 2022
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Hannah asked on Mar 21, 2022

Hi there! I have a PwC interview in the practice of finance transformation under management consulting. I'm having a behavioral and case interview back to back. What are some PwC themed behavioral questions I should expect? And what type of cases should I expect? Thanks for your time and help! 

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Hi there,

In terms of behavioral questions, your prep shouldn't be any different from any other major firm. I.e., learn your “3 Whys” and make sure to have your personal stories ready (i.e. conflict, challenge, persuasion, leadership, initiative, etc.).

Here's some reading for the fit portion:

In terms of the types of cases 1) Be prepared for anything. Even with specialist interviews you may get generalist cases.

2) Here's some case help:

And 3) I don't know, just a completely random guess below :P

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replied on Mar 22, 2022
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Hi there, 

It's good practice to ask HR directly if the interview will be focusing on general or role specific cases. In 90% of cases they will be general and then you should be practicing across the board. There no PwC specific cases, so practicing anything that's candidate-led should help. 

In terms of personal fit interview questions, I've built a database of questions based on inputs from several candidates. Happy to discuss it with you. 

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