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I'm moving to the first round with an MBB firm. I've been practicing cases quite a bit, but one areas I'm worried about is my handwriting. My handwriting is very poor, especially when writing fast, and I'm worried this will seem unprofessional to the interviewer. Any tips on the best way to manage this? I can write neatly if needed but it means focusing and going at about 50% of the normal speed

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Some advice on how to organize your notes. Split the main sheet into 2 parts and then the left part into 2 quadrants:

  • Upper left - initial information given at the beginning of the interview and while asking clarifying questions
  • Lower left - Your objective. The objective should be measurable and should have a timeline
  • Right part - Your structure and the whole case flow

Also, a good practice is to put the key numbers near the corresponding buckets.

! Have a separate sheet for math calculations !


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