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Stephenie asked on Nov 30, 2019

I had my last partner round yesterday. The interview went well, I would say 98% excellent had all the answers.

Just missed on when the partner asked during the case how else can you determine whether to we can take the adoption rate to 10% or not gave him few examples - comaprable technology adoption benchmark, regional adoption bechnmark, microsegementation, etc. had no clue beyond that.

While ending the interview the partner said " he had a good dicussion". What should I take from that did he like my candidature and should I be positive about it.

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updated an answer on Nov 30, 2019
McKinsey | BCG | CERN| University of Cambridge

Hi Stephenie,

Sounds like you have a great discussion indeed with the partner.

I would say the last question that the partner gave aimed to test your ability to think beyond the framework you have used during the discussion. The flexibility to comes up with different reasonings are crucial in consultancy line. While it would be perfect have you been able to mentioned at least 1 or 2 alternative methods, I would say it should not affects your chances negatively (hopefully you have indeed mentioned some form of ideas in response to such questions in the interview which would be an even better case).

What would count more in partner level interviews are the fit questions (or the PEI - Personal Experience Interview). The partners would take a comprehensive view on the fit results in combination with your case performance to come up with the final decision. As your explanation does not include the fit part, I presume this goes well and hence the reason why the partner would summarize the discussion as being fruitful.

In summary, I would stay positive on your result. You have done your best in the interview and the partner has supported your conviction through the closing statement. Come what may, I believe you will got the best option in response to your hardwork.

Hope it helps and fingers crossed on getting the decision soon.

Kind regards,



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replied on Nov 30, 2019
McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews

Hi Stephanie,
it looks like you really engaged the partner, congrats! I would say you have great chances to pass it. Let's cross our fingers :)


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McKinsey | BCG | CERN| University of Cambridge
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