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Oliver Wyman: applying to multiple offices at different times of the year

London Milan Oliver Wyman
New answer on Jul 20, 2019
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asked on Jul 19, 2019
Cambridge based post-doc and looking for practice partners.

Hey everyone,

Just a brief intro about me first. I am Italian and got my Ph.D. last year from a `target' British university (my entire HE was in the UK). I have been doing some time as a researcher since last year.

I am applying for several firms, including MBB, across London and Milan. For MBB, applications seem rather centralised and I was planning to apply solely to the Milan offices.

Nonetheless, I am trying to diversify by applying to the likes of OW and ATK in London. However, while checking OW career page, I saw that there is a current vacancy in Milan for an entry position (might be more than 1?).

My question is, as London application window is still quite far, would applying to Milan today compromise (or prevent altogether) my application in London in October?

Thank you in advance for your ever helpful replies.


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replied on Jul 20, 2019
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Hi Andrea,

in general you cannot be considered for more than one office at the same time, although in some application you can select multiple offices (in which case you will be in the process for one office only anyway). As a consequence, if you apply for the Milan office you will either:

  1. Be invited for interviews; after that you will receive an offer for that office or get rejected
  2. Get rejected without invitation

After a rejection there is normally a waiting period (in MBB the standard is 24 months) before you can apply to the same or other offices (some people try to hack the system using different emails but that doesn’t always work).

I would recommend anyway to apply via a referral, whatever office you choose – this allows to increase the likelihood to be invited and at the same time understand the real recruiting needs; you can find more on referrals at the following link:

In case you need support for OW Milan please feel free to PM me, I helped several people for that office and have 15+ real case questions they asked there.



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