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Offer for MBA at Non-prestigious

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If a consulting firms offers to pay for an MBA, does it HAVE to be at a target or prestigious school? or can you opt to get MBA from wherever? My undergrad has a strong non-prestigious MBA program but I love how they teach and how well their program works. Is this allowed or do they expect you to go hit IVY?

I'll take the hit on my resume for not have prestigious school name on it vs. going where I want to go

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Sidi replied on 03/02/2018
Ex McKinsey & BCG Project Manager & interviewer | Privately helped 30+ candidates secure MBB offers!

What Bruno said. Additionally I can confirm that the same is true for BCG - there is a list of schools for sponsored MBAs, and any deviation needs to be approved case by case.

Special case in Germany: here consultants mostly opt to do a PhD instead of an MBA - in this case, one is free to choose any fully accredited university with the right to award PhD degrees. This is true for both McK and BCG.

Bruno replied on 03/02/2018
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At least in the McKinsey offices I know you have a list of schools from which you can select. If it’s outside that list you need to take your case to a committee to get it approved (which will only occur under exceptional circunstances, eg, personal constraints)

Anyway, to be honest I don’t think your reasoning would be strong enough, as it even shows a bit of ‘narrow vision’



Vlad replied on 03/04/2018
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Generally not. Be ready to look for the support of your DGl / Career Counselor. You are in a better position to negotiate if:

  • You are a top / distinctive performer
  • You have the partners who will support you
  • You have a strong DGl / Career Counselor
  • You have a good reasoning (e.g. wife pursuing the same MBA)